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Based in Takapuna on Auckland's North Shore, LoanPlan are NZMBA accredited mortgage brokers with a 20 year track record in helping people (including first home buyers) to get the property and business finance they need, at competitive rates and on favourable terms.

A full range provider of integrated financial services and a vast range of financial products including wealth creation and asset protection, LoanPlan is independent and tenacious on your behalf – that's why our clients enjoy a strong, long-term relationship with the company.

This experience, performance and longevity has given LoanPlan access to a large number of lenders and a variety of financial products, including:

· Secure funding for commercial and residential properties

· Obtaining loans for salaried or self employed people

· Achieving approval for those have previously had credit difficulties or mortgage arrears

. Acquiring 100% of development funding

· Financial coaching

Personal customer service and ethical practice are the cornerstone of what LoanPlan offers you.

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For more information about LoanPlan or any of our services, please complete the short enquiry form and one of our specialist LoanPlan consultants will contact you today. Alternatively you can call us on 0800 56 26 75 (0800 LOAN PLAN).

Services include home mortgages, mortgage refinance, first time home loans, competitive bridging finance, home equity loans, mortgage interest rates, property development finance, investment property finance, residential mortgage applications, lending criteria, affordability, commercial finance, business loans, cash flow finance, insurance, asset protection... and more.

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Home buyers will need to demonstrate clean and disciplined spending habits over about 18 months to have every chance of getting a mortgage.
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Auckland, North Shore: The mortgage door has closed suddenly for some mum and dad property investors with less than 30 per cent equity following an announcement by ASB recently that it will issue no more pre-approved mortgages for property investors in the Auckland area.
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"It's always a pleasure to be confident in recommending you to others, knowing they will immediately feel at ease simply because they quickly realise you truly know what you are doing." -- Dane and Fiona Brown
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 "I just want to thank you for explaining it to me in honest terms and for helping me all the way through this whole exercise." -- Deon
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