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How do you achieve good financial management?

Takapuna........ North Shore........ Auckland. July 2012. While the RBNZ Governor Allan Bollard is holding fast on interest.... rates and even murmuring about lowering them
Good financial management is not just about the lowest mortgage interest rates… it’s about what’s best for you now and in the future.

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Are the best mortgage deals based on interest rates alone, or is the question more complex than that? Could it, for example, depend on where you are in life and what your future plans hold? Christine Lockie answers your questions in this insightful video...
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The one burning question many aspiring home buyers have is: "How much of a mortgage can I get?" Here's some insights into how lenders make those decisions.
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Auckland, New Zealand - Mortgages and Finance: The Reserve Bank of New Zealand’s move to increase the Official Cash rate by .25 of a percentage point at the end of last week, has seen a surge in inquiries from existing fixed mortgage interest rate holders looking to break their current terms and secure longer term contracts.
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Auckland, New Zealand: Christine Lockie says the Reserve Bank of New Zealand’s decision to exempt loans for new home building from its restrictions on low-equity mortgages is good news…
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Auckland, New Zealand: Christine Lockie tells Radio New Zealand that other banks will more than likely follow Westpac’s move to increase interest rates for those with low equity deposits…
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Morning Report on National Radio as the Government defends its position on making it hard for first home buyers to enter the market. Finance Minister Bill English says the Government freed up land to curtail housing shortage, but Christine Lockie points out it will be ten years before this land is developed.
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