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Insurance and Risk

Protect your income - save your home.

At LoanPlan, we believe your ability to earn is your greatest asset. You can't pay off the mortgage of your other greatest asset - your home - if you are unable to earn the money to do so.

Injury and illness can seriously hinder your earning capacity, and subsequently, your mortgage repayments. Although ACC in New Zealand will cover up to 80% of your income, it will only do so if your injury is accident-related. Illness is not covered.

Don't get caught out if you fall ill. At LoanPlan, we have a number of different Mortgage Insurance and Income Protection products that bring some financial relief in times of need.

Our range of insurance packages include:

  • Life insurance
  • Income protection
  • Living assurance
  • Disability
  • Medical insurance
  • House and contents
  • Car and boat
  • Public liability
  • Commercial risk
  • Special events

If you would like advice about the insurance options available, please complete the enquiry form and one of our financial advisors will contact you today.

Alternatively call us on 0800 56 26 75 (0800 LOAN PLAN). Regardless of whether you live on the North Shore, in the greater Auckland region or the Hibiscus Coast, we can help.

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