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Bad debt and bank declined loans for New Zealand property owners

Recovering from bad debt is easier if you own property

It can happen to anyone. Life can be generous one minute, and take it all back the next. At LoanPlan, we understand life's trials and tribulations. If you are already a property owner here in Auckland or anywhere else in New Zealand, we have loan options to help you get back on track.

Whether it's sickness, disability or just bad luck, the inability to keep up with loan repayments can make life very tough. At LoanPlan, we have access to a number of lenders who are prepared to lend to the credit impaired home loan borrower, and help them get back on their feet.

Bank declined loans and the benefit of a LoanPlan broker (for property owners only)

If you have had bad or questionable credit in the past, it is best to let a LoanPlan broker try and advocate for you in securing finance.

If a bank declines your loan application, you can't re-apply, and neither can your broker. However, if you do it the other way around and a loan broker applies on your behalf first and is then declined, they can still resubmit your case and push harder to prove that you are a viable candidate for the loan.

Our brokers can also often find finance lenders who will approve loans that other lenders may decline.

At LoanPlan, our professional, trusted mortgage brokers will work hard for you. Whether it is helping to secure finance, managing your bad debt or fighting for a bank loan.

If you would like us to assist with finance for your bad debt, or to secure a bank loan, please complete the short enquiry form and one of our specialist LoanPlan consultants will be in contact today.

Alternatively call us on 0800 56 26 75 (0800 LOAN PLAN).

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