Mortgage restructuring and loan review

At LoanPlan, we have the necessary experience and expertise to help you get the most favourable terms when it comes to restructuring your mortgage loan. You may want to consider restructuring your mortgage if:

  • Your fixed interest rate loan is about to expire
  • You want to move from a floating interest rate to a fixed rate
  • Your personal circumstances have changed, including:
    • You have a new job
    • You have been made redundant or lost your job
    • You are getting married or expecting a child
    • You have come into a large sum of money, for example an inheritance
    • You aim to pay off your mortgage sooner
    • You want to leverage your assets to build wealth through investment

Every person and family’s circumstances are different. We all have different goals, aspirations, circumstances and incomes and it is important to consult an expert about what terms are most suited to your plans now and, importantly, in the future.

Strategies LoanPLan may consider to improve your circumstances, or help you achieve your goals through a loan restructure, may involve:

  • Determining the best combination of fixed and floating interest rates
  • Assessing your income and assets
  • Understanding your future plans
  • Assessing current market conditions, deals, special offers and economic and property market forecasts
  • Finding the right lender for you

Talk to LoanPlan today about reviewing your current circumstances, including advice on when to fix or float, and for how long. We can help you restructure your mortgage to best fit your circumstances and aspirations.